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Corporate Pole Fitness Pop-up

Attention Corporate Event Planners!

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Our Pop-up Pole Fitness workshops are the answer!

Here's what we offer:

  • Portable Professional equipment: Our experienced instructors set up and use only the best equipment to ensure your employees have a safe and enjoyable experience. 


  • Warm-up and conditioning sequence: We start each workshop with a warm-up and conditioning sequence to prepare your employees' bodies for spins, dismounts, floorwork, and combos.


  • Engaging and fun: Our workshops and parties incorporate games and prizes to keep things interesting and engaging for your employees.


  • Cool down time: We finish each class with a cool-down to help your employees recover and relax after a challenging workout.

  • Open pole time: Your employees will have the opportunity to take photos and try new skills during our open pole time at the end of each class.

  • Stir U Pole Fitness Prep Guide:We provide a Pole fitness digital prep guide for you to share in order to help your employees feel less nervous/prepare for the workshop/answer common questions. 

This guide includes.... 

Access to multiple videos from our video library,

such as...

- What to wear and what to avoid,

- A warm-up and conditioning video,

- As well as common after pole recovery tips.

  • Easy pre-registration and online forms: We make it easy for your employees to sign up by offering online pre-registration to complete the required standard forms and waivers.

  • A Printable PDF Goal Setting Template to share with your employees. PDF can also be uploaded to favorite note taking app for digital use.

All of these features make our Pop-up Pole Fitness workshops a great value and a memorable experience for your team. By investing in your team's health and well-being, you are also investing in their productivity and morale. Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your next corporate event with our Pop-up Pole Fitness workshops. Time duration depends on attendance and event needs.
Please reach out with any questions or custom event needs.

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We are currently booking within 60 miles of Oshkosh, WI: Year Round. 

As well as seasonally throughout "the tip of the mitt Michigan" and the U.P.

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